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Selling A Business In Washington State

William O. Kessler, Edmonds Lawyer
William O. Kessler
Mar 26, 2019
For closely-held business owners, the idea of selling your business appears daunting. Where do you start? What do you need to know before beginning the process? Several months ago, we published an article discussing the general process of buying and selling a business. This is a further discussion and includes other issues. There are many… Read More

Buying/Selling A Business In Washington State: A Process

David C. Tingstad, Edmonds Lawyer
David C. Tingstad
Jan 10, 2019
Most closely held business owners are not familiar with the process associated with buying or selling a business. The process is comprised of four general steps: conversation, letter of intent, definitive documentation and closing. Conversation The first step in the process is the initial conversation between the buyer and the seller.  A simple conversation can… Read More