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Time to Update Your Washington Nonprofit Corporation?

Per E. Oscarsson, Edmonds Lawyer
Per E. Oscarsson
Feb 28, 2022
In 1967, Washington enacted the Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act, Revised Code of Washington (“RCW”) Chapter 24.03. After several years of review and study, Washington enacted a new Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act, RCW 24.03A. The new act became effective January 1, 2022. RCW Chapter 24.03 was repealed effective that date. The new act applies to all… Read More

“Futile Demands” And Derivative Actions

David C. Tingstad, Edmonds Lawyer
David C. Tingstad
Nov 18, 2020
“Until our legislature declares otherwise, Washington is a demand futility state and follows Delaware.” This phrase in the Washington Supreme Court opinion In re F5 Networks, Inc., 166 Wn.2d 229, 240, 207 P.3d 433 (2009) had a significant impact on derivative action litigation throughout the State of Washington. I write this post in an effort… Read More

LLCs Are NOT Corporations

David C. Tingstad, Edmonds Lawyer
David C. Tingstad
Jul 22, 2020
Many “good ideas” today take direction from other “good ideas” before them. This blog, for example, takes inspiration from other “bloggers” in the legal community, such as my friend Tom Rutledge, an expert in business entity law from Kentucky. I will certainly refer to Mr. Rutledge’s blog in future posts as he offers unique insight… Read More