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Digital Assets under the Uniform Commercial Code

Per E. Oscarsson, Edmonds Lawyer
Per E. Oscarsson
Nov 29, 2022
One aspect of business that is governed by the Uniform Commercial Code (the “UCC”) is secured transactions involving personal property. A good example of such a transaction is the bank loan the repayment of which is secured by a security interest in inventory, equipment, supplies, work in process, and general intangibles, etc. The UCC defines… Read More

Judicial Dissolution Is Not Easy: No, A Contrived Deadlock Will Not Get You There

David C. Tingstad, Edmonds Lawyer
David C. Tingstad
Oct 7, 2022
The Washington LLC Act provides “courts may order dissolution of a limited liability company whenever: (1) it is not reasonably practicable to carry on the limited liability company's activities in conformity with the certificate of formation and the limited liability company agreement; or (2) other circumstances render dissolution equitable.” RCW 25.15.274. This begs the question:… Read More

Consumer Protection Lawsuit Filed -Focused Fraudsters

David C. Tingstad, Edmonds Lawyer
David C. Tingstad
Sep 29, 2022
By: David C. Tingstad, Business and Real Estate Lawyer and Jennifer Takamoto, Business Law Paralegal. At Beresford Booth we pride ourselves on helping small businesses owners open their new business. We understand small businesses are built on hard work and our clients are putting all their time and money into their exciting new venture. They… Read More

Can an LLC Be a Director in a Washington Corporation?

David C. Tingstad, Edmonds Lawyer
David C. Tingstad
Sep 21, 2022
A unique question was recently posed in Tormino v. Tormino Sash & Glass, Inc., 21 Wash.App.2d 1036 (Wash. Ct. App. 2022). Can an LLC be a director in a Washington corporation?  Tormino v. Tormino Sash & Glass In Tormino, at a special meeting of the shareholders, the shareholders of Tormino Sash and Glass, Inc. (“TSG”)… Read More

Washington LLCs and Indemnification

David C. Tingstad, Edmonds Lawyer
David C. Tingstad
Aug 24, 2022
In Burksfield II, the Washington State Court of Appeals discussed statutory and contractual indemnification in the context a derivative action. In this post, I briefly detail the facts and discuss the meat of the matter. Burksfield v. LSL Properties, LLC – The Facts Deborah Burksfield (“Burksfield”) and two of her brothers, Larry and Steve Sali… Read More

Power Imbalance in the Courtroom: Litigating Adhesion Contracts

JP Diener Edmonds Lawyer
J Patrick Diener
Aug 15, 2022
A contract of adhesion is one that is prepared by one party to the transaction and presented to the other on a take it or leave it basis.  These are most likely to arise in relationships between businesses and consumers (as opposed to relationships between two individuals or relationships between businesses).  Adhesion contracts are most… Read More

Language of Performance in Contracts

Eli K. Yim, Edmonds Lawyer
Eli K. Yim
Aug 2, 2022
Contracts are an inescapable reality for most these days—from buying, selling or leasing a home, taking out a loan, or running a business to re-upping with your mobile phone carrier (and everything in between). But beyond the terms of the agreement—what exactly the parties agree to do—there are certain key words that speak to the… Read More

Can I Represent a Non-Existent Entity? Pt. 2: Jesse v. Danforth

David C. Tingstad, Edmonds Lawyer
David C. Tingstad
Jul 20, 2022
Last week, I discussed a hypothetical situation in which ‘X number of individuals approach me to form an LLC for their business (i.e., the entity does not exist yet)’ and the three possible approaches to the subsequent question, “who is my client?” You can find that post here. This week, I will further explore one… Read More